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this weekend i went to holly's dad's. it was fun..but my tree got blown down by the hurricane. i can't climb it anymore. lol. i fell in the lake and holly made fun of me then 5 minutes later she fell in too. lol. i got to go to steak n shake too :) on friday we were walking down to the lake and we heard a rattling of a chain and i looked behind me and there was huge dog on the loose! lol..holly screamed like a little girl. we kept walking and it kept barking..then she called her dad to come pick us up so we wouldn't get eaten. lol..he came out there right when the owner of the dog came out..they started fighting really bad. he ended up calling the police and everything. it wasn't funny at the time..but it kinda is now. lol. u know what.. drivers ed sucks ass. i thought itd be all fun but its not.. and i have to go again tomorrow. i didnt run over any cones today, so thats good. i shouldve begged my parents more to take me to the senses fail concert..silverstein was there too. >:B a holes. lol. i cant wait till the grudge comes out, that movie looks rad. well i g2g. later assies

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