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this weekend was so rad. halloween horror nights was awesome. we had to leave really early that sucked..but yea. we got to go to 4 haunted houses and 2 rides i think..the hulk was the best. lol..i could only raise up one arm tho. lol..when we went into the jail house thing some guy was like "more cushion for the pushin" lol it was great. jen made friends with like 10 ppl there. lol. we were so tired but hyper afterwards..i couldnt stop laughing..then when we were going to sleep i couldnt stop laughing either. (peni) lmao. theeenn saturday i woke up and went home for an hour to eat and take a shower n stuff..cuz i stunk..then came back for chelcs party..which was also rad. she got a lot of cows. lol. im gonna go make some waffles.
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