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last night was fun. we all went to the mall and then to applebees. they told the waitress that it was my birthday and 5 minutes later they came out saying "attention applebees!!! we have a very special guest tonight!!" and started singing. lol. i was cracking up. i got icecream too. :D then right before we left jj came and we walked over to easy street. i gave a little girl my tickets. lol. thennn we went to the mall again and almost got raped. (laundry) lmao..that was great. holly got me the awesomest present ever...a cky clock! i already put it up. lol. she got me a william hung sticker too. and chelsey got me $20 to spend and ::drumroll:: a box of twinkies!!!!! gonna get sick. but yeah, thanks for the stuff! :)
ive been playing video games and watching the family guy all day. some guy let me borrow the dvd. i miss sitting around and doing nothing. lol. this summer im gonna be working sucks anus. still gotta wait 5 months to get my license..well g2g.

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